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Debt Relief Network successfully matches financially at-risk consumers with a debt management solution to assist them in finding practical and affordable debt reduction alternatives.

We have partnered with many of the nation's leading debt management providers that can help guide you through the difficult process of paying off your debt. Our resources are available to consumers regardless of past credit history.

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If you're tired of the grief and stress that come with being in debt, DebtWave can help. We'll help you catch up on your debt payments, reduce your interest rates, and put a stop to those harassing phone calls.

DebtWave is a non-profit credit counseling agency with a proven record of success.
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We want to educate as many Americans as possible about the problems of excessive debt. Our mission is to help individuals and families control their debt instead of allowing it to control them.

The Federal Reserve says consumer debt rose to a record high $2 trillion last year. That adds up to more than $18,000 per U.S. household. Credit card holders have taken on much of that debt.

Getting rid of debt is like getting rid of a sickness. First you have to recognize the symptoms and then you have to provide an immediate solution. If you wait too long before treating the problem, the situation will get worse and it will take longer to recover. Debt Relief Network can put together a helpful solution that should give you a better picture of the problems that surround debt, and a good sense of how to avoid them.

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